January 9, 2008


The folks over at wine.com have apparently created a their own little Homeland Security Task Force. Of Wine. YOUR wine. Yes, they have performed various undercover stings upon their competition in hopes of catching them breaking statewide shipping laws, then turning them in to the authorities.. They have done this under the guise of 'for the consumer' and 'to level the playing field' when it really seems to be solely in pursuit of monetary gains and elimating the competition. Wine.com has never had any of my business and shall never receive any in the future. What they have done is despicable, underhanded, and will cause more difficulty for consumers in states such as Illinois, Washington, Texas, and so on. Many people have decided to boycott them and I sincerely hope you will as well.

Read the full report on Alder Yarrow's blog Vinography

There is also an awesome group of retailers working furiously to change these laws. They are the SWRA and can be found here SWRA

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