May 9, 2008

2006 Kosta Browne Rose of Pinot Noir

Apparently I'm averaging about 1 blog post per month, which is pretty sad considering there's bloggers out there that blog daily. I'm still drinking plenty of wine but just haven't had the time or made the effort to write about it. Hopefully I can update this thing at least once a week, and with that being said I bring you a post about Rose! And what better wine to blog about than one from the combined efforts of Dan Kosta and Michael Browne? I usually drink Rose within the first year of release, but this one somehow managed to evade me and hid in the cellar, only to be discovered amidst new deliveries and a long overdue organization. I love those sly bottles that hide amongst everything else, trying to stretch out their lifespan until they're either over the hill or just begging to be drank...

As the days begin getting hot here in Southern California, Rose makes the perfect companion to a nice summer afternoon. I won't even begin to go into the differences between the horrid blush adomination that is white zin or whether drinking Rose is acceptable for men, and will instead assume those reading this are all on the same page. If not, you're missing out, and you probably stoppe drinking Merlot circa 2004. Rose wines are some of the most versatile, delicious quaffers to pair with food.

The 2006 Kosta Browne wines have been an issue of some discussion in various wine circles and internet message boards. Some feel they are a step down from the highly touted 2005's, describing them as out of balance and hot. I subscribe to the notion that bottle shock is a real phenomenon, however I do not think that unbalanced wines will magically come together years down the road, although anyone who's been privileged to sip a '47 Cheval Blanc might disagree with me. Could this Rose be a harbinger of things to come for the rest of the 2006 KB's or is it just a bottle at the end of it's life giving us it's last dying breath?

Tasting Notes:
In the glass this wine is a nice light red color with a nose that's packed with scents of strawberries, watermelon and some sweet soil with flashes of cinnamon and spice. I was concerned from others notes there would be significant heat but served at cellar temp I found none. Interestingly enough I found a bit of petillance on the first sip, which quickly went away with air time. This was definitely thinner than previous Rose's I've had from KB, but carried pleasant flavors of strawberries, raspberries and cream mixed with a bit of watermelon. Lacking a bit in the acidity department and the finish is rather short, but a very pleasant wine that I think would be great with some food out on the patio on a lazy afternoon.

Price: $18

Score: 81-84

14.2% alcohol
100% Pinot Noir


Jill said...

I have tasted the 06 Appellation Pinots and the 07 Rose. The 07 Rosé was lovely when I tried it. The Pinots? I was really disappointed. They had been recently bottled so I'll chalk it up to shock. If I taste them again any time soon, I'll let you know if they've settled down.

As for your 06 Rosé, I don't see why it would have died that young. Had you had a better experience with teh 06 before? Or had you just had previous vintages of their Rosé? If the former, then maybe it's on the decline. If the latter, my guess is you just didn't dig it.

Grape King said...

Hi Jill,
Thanks for the comment...I found the nose on this actually very nice. I enjoyed the soil notes a lot, but I guess where it didn't do it for me was on the palate. Thinner, low acid, short finish... I've had the 05 Rose which I thought was great, so when comparing them together I found this one to be just "good." I've also had the 06 Pinot's and had the same thoughts as you, but I'm hoping they'll be better in the future. On another note, try any of those 06 Tyler's yet?