December 1, 2007

2004 Vice Versa Cabernet Sauvignon

This was one of my prized purchases from a recent trip to North California, a superstar wine from Paul Hobbs that also held a high rating from RP. I hate to say that I was supremely disappointed but maybe my expectations were just too high. This is not a bad wine by any means, in fact it's very well balanced and good but just sort of simple and definitely not what I anticipated. In the land of the high alcohol Napa fruit bomb, I would have expected a bouquet that jumps out the glass and a stunning flavor profile. This wine was no Switchback, let me tell you. If you're holding any Vice Versa and plan to drink it anytime soon I'd advise some heavy decanting to let the aromatics find their way out. I'm almost hesitant to review this wine because I think it might just be a bit shy and scared, but will develop nicely over time. I would LOVE to hear others experiences with this vintage of Vice Versa. I think I need to revisit this wine at a later date and see what develops.

Tasting Notes:
Dense purple color in the glass, I found slight licorice and coffeebean aromas present with some black fruit. Nice acidity and mouthfeel with blackberry flavors, slight chocolate and soft tannins. Good structure with a nice, lingering finish.

Score: 88

Price: $100

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